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Combination Treatments at Escape Medispa

A one-size-fits-all approach to positive-ageing and body contouring treatments is fast becoming an outdated one. We have multiple amazing treatments and devices in the Clinic for treating both face and body, however results are optimised when two or more are used in combination.

With many factors contributing to ageing of the face or change in body shape such as loss of volume/weight, sagging skin or the deterioration of a certain skin condition, a single treatment approach may not always achieve the desired result.

Did you know LED Light Therapy is commonly used to accelerate healing of the skin? It is highly complementary with other skin treatments we offer such as chemical peels & RF skin tightening as it improves and accelerated the healing process. We ensure we complete our skin treatments with LED Light Therapy.

Of course, we believe injectable treatments and skin treatments go hand in hand. Some of the best treatments to combine with injectables include HydraFacial, Dermaplaning or Micro Needling. We always hear comments from our clients that they can ‘go that bit longer’ between appointments by keeping up with monthly skin treatments.

These days, undergoing skin treatments are almost as normal as wearing make-up! After all, the goal is to look and feel rejuvenated and radiant.

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Combined Treatments

HydraPlane combines our two most popular facials; Hydrafacial & Dermplaning 


  1. The Hydrafacial treatment uses non-invasive skin resufacing technology that works to restore youthful, healthy skin. 

    The 6 step procedure now includes DermaPlaning! 

    1.Lymphatic draining massage
    2.Cleanse & Exfoliation 
    4.Brighteing agent (Peel)


DermaPeel combines Micro-Needling and Bio-Re Peel

Dermapen Micro-Needling can visibly improve the appearance of: fine lines; wrinkles; surgical, acne and trauma scars; stretch marks; pigmentation; overall skin ageing and texture.

BioRePeel is an innovative peel treatment, using patented 2-phase technology. This provides a bio-stimulating, revitalising and peel-like effect. The combination of these components results in a mild exfoliation, stimulating the biosynthetic process, restoring the structure of the skin. This process decreases damage from UV light, pigmentation and acne scars and effectively preventing the ageing of skin. The treatment is suitable for all skin types, including those with fine line wrinkles, acne, fresh scarring and blackheads.


Combine HydraFacial and Exilis Elite™ for maximum results. HydraFacial provides the optimum skin hydration for Exilis Elite™ to work efficiently. Hydrated skin responds more effectively to radio frequency treatment, enhancing the tightening effect on the skin.

The Hydratight is a unique combination of two of today’s most popular treatments, The HydraFacial, to improve skin condition and health, and Exilis Elite™ which provides Radio Frequency Skin Tightening.

Freeze & Sculpt combines Fat Freezing and Muscle Stimulation

Cristal Fat freezing a safe and permanent way of shaping the body, when combining this with 3D Powersculpt muscle stimulation the results are faster and greater.


Cristal Fat Freezing is an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away with no surgery or downtime. This procedure crystallises fat cells, which then self-destruct due to the cold temperature. The fat cells are removed naturally and permanently by your body in the weeks following the session, giving way to enhanced curves.

3D Powersculpt Muscle Stimulation

Recommended by multi-award winning personal trainer and MBE Mike Hind
Introducing a powerful new revolution in body shaping and muscle toning. Just one 30-minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 crunches, squats, curls or leg extensions.

Did you know 3D Powerculpt can benefit regular gym goers to treat tired muscles?


*Protocols for combined treatments at Escape Medispa have been verified by each manufacturer to ensure the combined effects are safe and offers greater client satisfaction.


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