HydrO2 Facial

HydrO2 Facial

Escape MediSpa are pleased to offer ‘The ultimate #FiveStarFacial’, our Luxury HydrO2 Facial (90 minutes) is a firm favourite with celebrities and is regularly featured in the national press. If you like the Hydrafacial, you will LOVE this! HydrO2facial has a 10 step process utilising the best technologies available to deliver outstanding results for all skin types and concerns. 

What is involved in The Luxury HydrO2Facial?

1. Detox –  Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps to increase circulation, eliminating toxins. 
2. Hot Plate -This step incorporates heat to open pores, increase blood supply and aids product infusion.
3. Deep Cleanse – Using a vacuum tip, skin ois drawn onto the handpiece to infuse specialist AHA and BHA solution providing a deep cleanse while aiding extraction.
4. Electro Ion Skin Lifting – this treatment uses electroporation to increase the absorbency of the cell for product penetration. This, in turn, revitalises and wakes up dull and lifeless skin.
5. Skin Tightening-radiofrequency technology is used to increase collagen reproduction in mature skin. Skin tightening is ideal for incorporating into an anti-ageing facial.
6. ZO Stimulator Peel – The zero downtime ZO Stimulator Peel is a superficial peel which causes no downtime, no peeling or flaking. Perfect for brightening the skin.
7. Hyaluronic Sheet Mask – This instantly replenishes dry skin, banishing signs of fatique for a revitalised complexion. Great for areas where fine lines and wrinkles are likely to appear. 
 8. Cold Plate – The cold applicator decrease the blood supply, tightens the skin and seals the infused products. This is great to de-puff the eyes. The “cryo facial” uses cooling technology, chilling the skin down to 5˚C. This is used at the end of the facial to decrease the blood supply, giving a tightening effect and sealing in the infused products. This also helps to reduce any erythema following treatment.
9. Dermalux – is Medically CE certified for acne, psoriasis, wound healing and pain relief.  Well evidenced for its regenerative and healing benefits, it encouages cell repair and renewal.  We finish each treatment with LED therapy to stimulate collagen and increase elasticity. 
10. Oxygenation: this spray creates a venturi effect, breaking down the molecules within the product to encourage skin hydration.
Who is suitable for this treatment?

As this facial is completely bespoke, the treatment is suitable for clients looking to target a number of skin concerns, from anti-ageing to congestion. 

During treatment, clients will experience varying sensations depending on the technologies that are used on them. However, the overall feeling is very relaxing, cooling and completely pain-free. 

Monthly sessions are recommended for the best results, however, clients will see a great result after just one treatment.

What aftercare is required? 

There is no aftercare formally required, however, Escape MediSpa will always recommend that clients protect their skin with SPF 30+. Our practitioners may also recommend ZO Skin Health and Medik8 skincare products to assist in the homecare regime to help maintain results.L

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