The Escape MediSpa Members Club

The Escape MediSpa Members Club

A one-size-fits-all approach to positive-ageing and body contouring treatments is fast becoming an outdated one. We have multiple amazing treatments and devices in the MediSpa for treating both face and body, however results are optimised when two or more are used in combination.

Every individuals has a unique skin, and what works for one person may not work for another. Joining the members club involves an initial consultation to determine your skin type, concerns and goals. 

This information is then used to create a personalised skincare regime that addresses your specific needs. 

Why join the club?

The #1 Rule in Skincare is consistency. If you want to see real results in your skin, sign up for our facial membership for a monthly custom skin treatments. 

Joining The Escape MediSpa Member Club can transform your skincare routine from a daily chore into a personlized, enoyable and effective experience. 

Access to professional expertise, personalised regimes, exclusive discounts and ongoing support are just a few of the many benefits that come with our membership. These advantages make it easier to achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin while also contributing to your overall well-being. If you’re serious about skincare and are looking to enhance your routine, a skin membership might be the perfect solution for you. 



What are the benefits of being a member?

One of the primary benefits is access to world -wide devices and medical grade, luxury skincare at a reduced cost. 

A membership offers a blend of cost savings, personilsed care and exlusive perks, making it an attractive option for those serious about their skin health. 


10% OFF Additional Treatments 

10% OFF Injectable Treatments 

10% OFF luxury, Medical Grade Skincare

10% OFF Beauty Treatments with Claire 


How much will it cost?

Each membership is different, which makes every cost different. 

We devise a skin plan over 12 months and after an initial deposit is paid we follow with small monthly payments. 

Here's an example...


Escape Medispa

Combination Treatment Packages

Ask about our pay monthly options and package offers! Our popular direct debit options make paying for your treatment even easier.

Any Bespoke Facial Treatments x3 HydraFacial/Hydr02Facial x3

Deposit £200

Followed by 6 payments of £49.17

MicroNeedling x3 HydraFacial/Hydr02Facial x3

Deposit £350

Followed by 6 Payments of £54.16


Welcome to Escape MediSpa

Step into a luxury oasis of skin beauty at Escape MediSpa where our team of skin experts are on hand to assist with any skin, body, health and wellbeing concerns.

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